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CrossFit Kids

Seismic CrossFit

Kids Program (6-11yo)

Our kids class is the perfect preparation to any sports season or a great stand alone fitness program.

It is an outstanding opportunity for current and future athletes to develop skills necessary to improve performance in all facets of athletics.

Our primary goal is to instill confidence in participants and make them stronger and healthier.

The Seismic CrossFit Kids class uses calisthenics, coordination and agility to achieve desired results in a fun and safe atmosphere.

Participants receive detailed and personalized coaching in each and every training session. In addition to physical training principles, a strong emphasis is placed on creating good habits (nutrition, hydration, prioritization) for athletic performance as well as lifelong health and well being.

Specific goals and objectives are established to ensure success.

Participants Will:
  • Develop a foundation of fitness that prepares them to EXCEL in all sports.
  • Learn to PUSH BEYOND their expectations to channel a level of physical and mental strength that will provide benefits extending beyond the athletic arena.
  • Receive nutrition guidance to support improved athletic performance and optimal recovery, as well as LIFELONG HEALTH.
  • Develop a strong sense of community with athletes from a variety of sports and learn to benefit from each others’ experiences.
  • Most importantly, HAVE AN ABSOLUTE BLAST!

Our classes are specifically designed to improve athletic capacity across the 10 recognized elements of fitness and athletic performance:

Cardio/Respiratory Endurance • Strength • Stamina • Flexibility • Power • Speed • Accuracy • Agility • Balance • Coordination

This class is open to anyone ages 6 – 11 years old.


Fridays | 3:45-4:30pm | $10/session

Constantly Varied


Functional Movement

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