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Katie Yzaguirre


5 months ago, I started Seismic CrossFit after completing their boot camp program. I had recently finished my graduate degree, ended a long term relationship, started my big girl job, and traveled solo for the first time. My health had taken a backseat for years while I worked my way through school and began to develop new relationships in a completely new place from where I grew up.

Bootcamp helped change my relationship with food, gave me a community, and got me used to working out regularly. Once it ended – I didn’t want my progress to stop either and I joined Seismic CrossFit. I was nervous at first, but Heather, Adam and Ian helped me feel safe while getting used to Olympic weightlifting and scaled the workouts so I didn’t immediately die and get discouraged. Also, the Seismic CrossFit community welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me every step of the way.

Now I feel stronger than ever! I workout consistently which reduces my anxiety and stress from work, gives me more energy, and makes my clothes fit better. Honestly – on the rare occasions that I don’t make it into the gym during the week, I definitely feel it and am so much more stressed out. I’ve made it a priority because I know how much better my week is if I go workout.
I love going to the gym 3 days/week and working out alongside my fellow CrossFitters and then catching up while doing mobility (stretches) afterwards. Heather, Adam, Ian and the CrossFit family push and encourage me during every workout. I feel like I hit new PRs (personal records) every time I’m at the gym and I feel stronger than ever before. I still have a lot of room for growth (being able to do pull ups, working on pistols & snatches, and definitely food/alcohol intake on the weekends) but I know that I’ll get there with the help of the coaches, time, and consistency.

I haven’t lost much “weight” according to the scale, but by taking monthly progress pictures I can see myself thinning out and gaining muscle. Its a good reminder that the scale is only one tool for measuring progress. It means more that I can lift 20lb heavier than the month before, and that my jeans are loose, and that I’m not a crazy stressed out zombie from work and life. And I’m so grateful that I have these silly, compassionate, wonderful people who inspire me and push me and encourage me to keep coming back.

-Katie Yzaguirre

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