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Kelvina Landriani


When I tell people about Seismic CrossFit, the word I use most is “empowering.” I am someone who truly never thought I would ever lift a barbell over my head or do intensive workouts (and actually enjoy it). Growing up the cliché nerdy, skinny kid who never did sports and was picked last in P.E., I just accepted that working out and sports were not for me. Then, at the ripe age of 36, I decided to try something new, hoping this time I could stick with it. Seismic entered my life and I am forever changed! Heather and Adam made everything accessible and my classmates were (and continue to be) encouraging, inspiring, and motivating! I have only been here 4 months, but in that time, have grown in confidence, strength, motivation, and overall health. And I keep coming back (which is something I can’t say about any other gym or studio I have joined)!

-Kelvina Landriani

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