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Silver Nanos

Silver Nanos

Silver Nanos is a functional fitness program for men and women, and is designed for universal scalability, i.e., designed for all individuals regardless of physical ability, experience or age.

The popularity of CrossFit, a group based fitness concept, featuring short but intense workouts, has soared in popularity across the United States. Though there are a vast number of CrossFit boxes, programs for middle age to seniors are in demand.

In response to the growing interest for this age group, Seismic CrossFit has introduced a program to fit the demographic. Despite the intense nature of most WODs (Work Out of the Day), Seismic CrossFit has designed routines that are modified for all ages and physical abilities.

Silver Nanos is a class designed for anyone ages 50 & over, dedicated to promoting function, strength and mobility and to an age group that statistically rapidly declines in muscle mass & mobility. We want to help change your life!

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