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Adam Coyne

CrossFit Coach

Adam Coyne

CrossFit Coach


Adam is co-owner and head coach of Seismic CrossFit. He served in the U.S. Navy for 9 years and was part of the Naval Expeditionary Combat Community, where he deployed to Kuwait and Iraq. He has supervised the escort of high-value military assets, flown UAV’s, and helped train Iraqi soldiers. Most recently, Adam served as a U.S. Navy Survival Instructor where he trained Sailors and Marines how to survive and return with honor if they ever found themselves isolated behind enemy lines.

During his time in the military, Adam found CrossFit. One of his co-workers, owner of CrossFit Coronado, convinced Adam to give it a try. After years of stale military PT, CrossFit was a breath of fresh air. He jumped right in and started working out frequently and pushing himself to work hard. He saw several benefits in the first few months and his strength continues to increase. Falling in love with CrossFit has lead Adam to learn about as much as he can. He interned and coached at CrossFit Elysium in San Diego before opening Seismic CrossFit. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and helping them achieve their goals.

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